The Summer Bed

We aren’t the only ones who shed the layers as the weather warms up. Our beds go through the same metamorphosis and lose those superfluous threads as the thermometer skyrockets. For all of you who live within the confines of our beautiful desert mountain west you know that our nights are warm enough without down comforters, extra blankets, and flannel sheets.

My suggestion is to keep it minimal: Go linen, go light, go natural.

the summer bed | alice lane home collection

the summer bed | alice lane home collection

These two beds are the perfect example of simple and light; linen sheeting, one lightweight coverlet, and just the essential pillows. Throw in a throw just in case that breeze gets a little too breezy!

Crack the window and sleep well my friends!

Take advantage of our bedding sale (going on now) to create your perfect summer bed!

shelby | alice lane home collection

[photos from Elle Decor]