Say Yes to Color

Gone are the days of “builder gray” or all white kitchens. Color has officially taken over the design world. As you can imagine, we’re all for the color therapy trend manifesting itself in bright yellow pillows, deep orange sectionals, and blue drenched walls. Being surrounded by color is truly just that—therapy for the soul. There’s something about it that instantly puts you in a good mood and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

Buying a pink velvet sofa or painting your walls, molding and ceiling might be intimidating (or it might not, and if not, you’re our kind of person!). If you’re hesitant to go all in, here are some ways to dip your toes into the pool of color.

  • Start in the powder bath. It’s a small footprint and you don’t spend all your time in there. As for what color to go for—paint it the color that you feel your best self in. We love looking into our client’s closets to get color inspiration for their home. This is a sure way to know it’s a choice you won’t regret or get sick of easily.

  • Just paint the lid. Painting the ceiling a pop of color is such a fun trick that is surprising but not overwhelming.

  • Use colorful accessories! That final layer in a room can really make or break a space. We love to sprinkle color throughout by way of accessories—throw pillows, hand knotted rugs, large scale artwork, lamps and even through books.

  • Take advantage of mother nature. Brining in live (or faux, if they’re believable) trees, stems and flowers can bring in an element of color. This is something we almost always add to complete a look.

Now that you have no excuses, here’s your official invitation to take a dive into the world of color for your home. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.