Lighten up for Spring

It’s time to awake from our winter hibernation! Throw off the furs and velvet quilts. Put away your dark linens and tie back the heavy drapery. I’m here to tell you how to bring spring into your bedrooms.

Start with a white bed. No matter your headboard, white bedding is always beautiful. Allow me to paint a picture for you – crisp white euros stuffed with the softest down fills, a fluffy duvet folded at the end of your bed, a summer weight quilt layered over airy linen sheets. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine waking up in this bed.  Okay, open your eyes again. It’s a dreamy picture, right? With all the time we spend in our beds, shouldn’t it be the coziest place in your house?

Let me suggest a game changer for your spring-infused bedroom. Linen sheets. Have you ever slept in linen sheets? If not, let me describe them for you. Because linen is a natural material that breathes, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The more you use linen sheets, the softer they get. it’s like being cradled by a cloud. It’s THAT good.

Treat yo’ self to a couple new decorative pillows for your bed. This is where you bring your personality into the room. The best part is that your new white bedding will make any deco pillows you select look so gooooood. Ask yourself, “If I were a pillow, what would I look like?” and then buy that pillow.

If you’re feeling a bit more colorful, now is the perfect time to dust your spaces with pretty pastel hues. It’s easy to bring in patterned throws and blankets and euros trimmed in your favorite colors.

Nothing says spring like flowers, so add some pretty blooms to your bedside table. You’ll find it’s the best way to add life back into your bedroom and put a smile on your face.

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