Guests are coming!

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to start preparing for your house guests. Here’s a list of my favorite tips for outfitting your guest room and making sure your loved ones feel comfortable and welcome. Prepare your guest's bed with fresh linens and leave a few extra layers in case they get cold!

THE BED The ideal guest bed has several layers to help your guest sleep at the perfect temperature. Use cotton or linen sheets, a warm coverlet, and a fluffy duvet. Make sure to tighten up the bedding with hospital corners, like mama taught you. Turn down the sheets to make the bed inviting and provide a stack of extra pillows and blankets.

Nightstands should be accessorized with a good reading lamp and an alarm clock.

THE NIGHTSTAND When outfitting the nightstands make sure they have the following: an alarm clock, fresh water in a carafe, a bud vase with a few blooms, and a selection of magazines. You get extra credit by topping it off with the guest’s favorite treat. A few luxuries go a long way in impressing your visitors.

Leave a stack of fresh towels and toiletries for your guest.

THE BATHROOM Stock the guest bathroom with a stack of clean towels, extra toiletries (someone always seems to forget a toothbrush), a fluffy robe, and a lovely scented candle. Tuck in your favorite lotions and soaps to give it that last personal touch.

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