Holly A.'s Pick

By a raise of hands, who has ever used a salt cellar?  And why not?  Here's a little fact: Use of salt cellars are documented as early as classical Rome.  They were used up through the first half of the 20th century, but have been primarily replaced by salt shakers at the introduction of free-flowing salt in 1911.  As far as I'm concerned, salt shakers owe us an apology.  Look at what we've been missing out on all these years: Salt cellars make the perfect addition to a holiday table.

What if this year for our holiday feasting we uninvited salt shakers and gave these beauties a chance?  "How classy", your great-aunt might remark, "where on earth did you find something so rare and collectible?"  To which you might respond, "I found it at Alice Lane.  That's where."

Salt cellars make a charming gift.

Add a touch of history to your table this season and win over Great-Aunt Gloria with a salt cellar or two.  They can be found and both Alice Lane locations.  You're welcome.

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