Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Am I the only one that can’t believe Thanksgiving is around the corner? Geesh! Where has the time gone? Luckily my wife and I are not hosting the family clan, but if we were, we would be in full prep mode with a bucket of stress. Are you in the same ship? Hopefully I can make it a little easier. Just remember the art of hosting is in the details. How many times have you heard, “It’s the little things that count.”  How true is that when hosting a holiday get together? Do not feel like you have to throw a party that gets 3,294 likes on Instagram or nifty ideas that get repined five million times. Just pay attention to the details, and your guests will feel like you spent all year putting everything together. Here we go:

Have some lively but not too loud music playing to set the mood of the party.

There are many things that help set the mood. Candles burning, scents wafting through the air, and visually stimulating décor will put your guests right at ease. Do not forget the music! Technology these days makes it so easy too! I typically turn to Pandora to give my party a variety of artists under one genre. Music is a simple way to set the tone and make a party fun.

Pepper some candles in your centerpiece.

Don't feel limited to pumpkins and gourds when picking a centerpiece for the table.

How do you dress the table is the question that follows once the menu is finalized. I think Thanksgiving is one of the easier holidays to decorate. Think of different textures and deeper colors – nothing too fussy or overdone. I love the idea of placing planks of reclaimed wood down the center of the table as a table runner with candles, wheat, fruits and vegetables from the fall harvest, and maybe a couple flowers here and there. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into just pumpkins and gourds! There are many other options.

Use a few family heirlooms on the table.

Using heirlooms will create a sense of history.

This time of the year calls for family gatherings so why not pay tribute to family members of years gone by?  Grab family heirlooms like grandpa’s basketball trophies, great grandmother’s tea cups, or aunt Gertrude’s collection of flatware to incorporate into your design. Are you like me and don’t have enough table settings for a party of 14+? No problem! Borrow coordinating settings from other guests to mix in. Layering in grandma’s china with aunt Olivia’s flatware and stemware collections from your neighbor’s European ancestors – could make for a dinner with a sense of history and great conversation starters!

The small details go a long way.

See, the small details are the ones that count and go a long way! Just think of how you layer your outfits for fall weather and how the same concept can be applied to your Thanksgiving dinner. Do a little digging or shopping for those unexpected pieces that will make your gathering a little unexpected, a little more cozy, and a greater sense of heritage.

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[photos from Decoist, Santa Barbara Chic, and Gourmande in the Kitchen]