The Perfect Fall Porch

Happy October friends! We love all the festivities that fall has to offer. One of our favorite ways to embrace the season is to spruce up the front porch! We're all about finding ways to decorate for the holidays without pulling out bins and bins of decor that haven't seen the sun in months. We've found that making these few simple changes to your front porch will make your home look festive, warm, and inviting. _MG_6438



1. Add A Wreath - A fall wreath can instantly change the mood of your front porch. Some of our favorite decorative wreaths are made from natural fall materials like feathers and leaves.

2. Seasonal Planters - We love to flank planters at each side of the front door and fill them plants that will last through the cold months. By simply changing out your bright spring blossoms to the rich earthy colors of fall, your home will suddenly feel up with the times.

3. Add A Rug - Ditch the old straw door mat and try adding a rug instead. You'll find that it makes your porch feel incredibly stylish. You can even try layering rugs together. We love this crochet rug layered with the black and white stripe! So festive.

4. Display The Seasons Harvest - Of course, no fall porch is complete without pumpkins! Try stacking pumpkins in an old crate or scatter them around your planters. They add the perfect punch of color and texture that simply screams fall!Alice Lane Home_The Perfect Fall Porch 2

Items available for purchase at Alice Lane Home & Wonderland by Alice Lane: 1. Round Feather Wreath - $52 | 2. Square Chelsea Cylinder - $172 | 3. Sanibel Rug - $344

How To Decorate With Animal Prints

We like to think we have a bit of a wild side, and every now and again you'll see us sneak a zebra or leopard print into one of our designs. Maybe you've been too timid to make the daring statement yourself, or maybe you're still scarred from the bad rep animal prints got in the 80's. Either way, we're here to show you how beautiful, luxurious, and fun animal prints can be in your home when done right! 19 Brady

wong residence | alice lane home collection | feminine, strong, colors: pinks, browns


campbell residence | alice lane home collection | eclectic, warm, family-friendly

rachel parcell closet | alice lane home collection

The key when using animal prints is NOT overdoing it! Think of it as an outfit...maybe you incorporate a snake skin purse, or some spotted heels for a subtle touch. The second you start layering prints you've gone too far! Here are some great ways you can pull off animal prints in your decor:

1.  Use On Pillows & Throws - If you're a little timid to try it out, ease into it by adding a pillow or throw in a neutral tone. Most likely you'll find that it's really all your space needed to get that edgy feel.

2. Tone On Tone - This is by far one of favorite ways to incorporate animal prints into a space. By choosing an animal print that is muted and watered down it really becomes more of a neutral! Especially if you have other prints and patterns in your space, a muted animal print won't compete and overwhelm. You can easily mix in a tone on tone animal print with anything.

3. Take It To The Ground - A large scale animal print rug is a great way to give your room an organic feel. Try using a hair on hide rug to keep things looking natural and not too contrived. We recently added a muted leopard print carpet as a stair runner, which was a great way to make a statement in a place where it wouldn't compete with other furnishings.

4. Scale Down Print On Upholstery - Using animal prints in your upholstery takes a little more commitment, but it works best when the print is scaled down. This makes the piece instantly recognizable, but keeps it from becoming overwhelming. We love incorporating prints as little surprises, like on the backs of chairs. Alice Lane Home_How To Decorate With Animal Prints

Items available for purchase at Alice Lane:  Le Zebra Pillow - $338 | Lynx Cable Knit Throw - $218 | Hide Rug - $988 | Skylar Chair - $1,365

The Very Best Sale - Extended!

Good news friends! In's the best news. We're extending The Very Best Sale into October, simply because you're the best and you deserve the best. Now through October 17th, save 20% on all upholstery and casegoods at our Salt Lake home furnishings boutique, Alice Lane Home Collection. So come see us and ask one our stylists to help you pick the best sofa, coffee table, bed, console table, bookshelf, chair and more for your home. The Very Best Sale_Blog_Extended-01

Alice Lane Home Collection | Utah's Best Interior Design and Home Furnishings Boutique | Salt Lake City, UT

Our Favorite Wing Back Chairs

We love a good wing back chair. There's something about those sculptural backs that welcome you in and hug you when you sit. Whether nestled next to your fireplace or paired side by side, a good wing back chair can add character and dimension to any space.

COVER Crestpointe{Pictured: Kingston chair is tan leather}

bennett residence | alice lane home collection | soft modern, family-friendly{Pictured: James Street Wing Chair with leather back and woven fabric seat}

Today we're sharing 5 of our current favorite wing back chairs that you're sure to love:

1. James Street Wing Chair - We love the contrasting upholstery of this chair that gives it both a rustic and refined look. The contouring wing allows you to easy rest your elbows, also giving you one heck of a profile to look at when you walk in the room. Place a matching pair side by side and the symmetry is breathtaking!

2. Colin Chair - Our eyes are automatically drawn to the corded upholstery seams that trace the arms and seat. The chiseled curves in the arms add interest to it's otherwise simplistic and upright frame. We love seeing this chair sitting behind a desk or at the head of a table.

3. Driscoll Leather Chair - We love the clean, modern look and low seat of this wing back. The rustic black leather keeps it timeless, while the subtle nail head accents add just a touch of lux. It's the perfect apart-sized chair, but really fits well into any space!

4. James Leather Chair - Handsome and beautifully made, this wing back has historically accurate details with rolled arms and a high barreled back. It's the perfect chair to snuggle up in with a good book, giving you privacy and support on all sides. And let's talk about that leather tufting...gorgeous!

5. Kingston Chair - We love the definition of this chair. Your eye can't help but follow those hammered brads up and down the curves of it's frame. With it's curved and reclined back, we deem this the perfect chair to lounge in after a good meal.  Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Wing Back Chairs

Of course, all of these chairs can be fully customized and come in a variety of upholstery options. Come shop our large selection of wing back chairs at our Salt Lake home furnishings boutique and save 20% on all upholstery and casegood items when you buy during The Very Best Sale. Hurry in, sale ends this Wednesday!

Our Favorite Bed Sheets

We make a lot of beds in our line of work, and while we're guilty of paying more attention to the linens on the outside, we truly believe no bed is complete without the best set of sheets on the inside. We've tried and tested dozens of sheets of all kinds and it always comes down to one thing: comfort. Today we're sharing with you what we've learned over the years and what makes these four Malouf sheet sets our absolute favorites!


WO16LS-239{pictured above: woven french linen sheets by Malouf}

1. Woven French Linen - If you haven't ever slept of linen sheets you're missing out. Big time! Not only do we love the classic and casual look of linen sheets, but they truly are like sleeping on air. The natural flax fibers easily wick away moisture and they're incredibly breathable. Bonus: they get softer with every wash! They're a bit of splurge when it comes to sheets, but they are every bit worth it.

2. Woven Tencel - Tencel (not to be mistaken with tinsel) is a relatively new fiber that's all the rage right now. Unlike cotton or linen, tencel is a completely smooth natural fiber that, when woven, creates a luxurious silky soft finish. If you're looking to stay on a budget, these are the sheets for you. Performance wise, these sheets actually wick away moisture better than cotton keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. 200 Thread Count Italian Cotton - Made with 100% Egyptian cotton parcale and made in the northern mountains of Italy, these sheets give you that soft draping look you find only at 5 star hotels. If you're looking for sheets with the finest attention to detail, these are it! Can you believe that inside every package is a hand-signed certificate written by the artisan that crafted them? Needless to say, those Italians sure know how to make a good sheet.

4. 400 Thread Count Italian Cotton - A common misconception about sheets is that the higher the thread count, the softer they are. It's simply just not true. The softest of sheets can only derive from one thing...high quality cotton. Just like the 200 thread count sheets listed above, these sheets are made from the best cotton you can buy while also increasing their durability and longevity. But we'd be lying if we said that drawn thread hemstitching wasn't our favorite part! Gorgeous!

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Bed SheetsWoven French Linen King Set - $440 | Woven Tencel King Set - $137 | 200 TC Italian Cotton King Set - $286 | 400 TC Italian Cotton King Set - $550

All of these sheets are available for purchase and on display in our Salt Lake City home furnishings store and Orem home decor store. Come feel and check them out for yourself (we promise we won't be mad if we find you slipping between the sheets!).

Finding Inspiration For Interior Design

In our Pinterest ridden lives, it's incredibly easy to come across a beautiful room design and say, "I want that! Exactly that!" We hear it all the time from clients and patrons who want us to recreate one of our designs exactly for them. While we're completely flattered that our work is so admired, we believe your home should be as unique as you are. Rather than replicating every detail, pull inspiration from the things you love and reinvent it for your own. Today, we're sharing five of our favorite places to find inspiration:

  1. Books - Admittedly, we like the kind with lots and lots of pictures! We're not even talking just design books here, but photography and art books too. Inspiration can often run dry when you have a hard time visualizing something. It's incredibly refreshing to pick up a book and flip through it's colorful pages to put things back into focus.
  2. Art - Art is a great resource for gathering color schemes and can be an excellent jumping off point for the rest of the design. Find a piece you really love and you'll soon find your heart and mind full of ideas!
  3. Fashion - The latest trends in fashion inevitably make their way into our homes. Whether is the latest color rage or use of feathers and metal embellishments, we find that what makes a great outfit also makes a great room. Hint: We constantly are pulling inspiration from our client's wardrobe. If you're wearing it, you probably like it!
  4. Movies - Those set designers sure know how to make a room that looks good! Next time your watching The Hunger Games or Sex In The City, take a look at the beautiful furnishings and accessories that set the stage, you might just find some inspiration. We recently designed a local gourmet chocolate shop and found ourselves watching Chocolat over and over again, pulling inspiration from the french blue walls and dramatic patterned floors.
  5. Nature - Ironically, the best inspiration usually comes when we need it the least. Like when you finally take that overdue getaway to the beach and find yourself inspired by the gray-blue skies and textured sand under your feet. Sometimes a simple walk around the neighborhood is all it takes to clear your mind and rediscover the beauty of nature. There is inspiration everywhere!

design inspiration blog post

Of course, we always hope to be of inspiration to you as well! Come stop by our home furnishings store in Salt Lake City, UT for the best home decor, high-end furniture, and interior design services.


3 Simple Ways To Bring Fall Into Your Home

Those crisp cool fall mornings are quickly approaching and that means it is time for change. As with every season, we find ourselves itching to give our spaces a little refresh. You know...rearranging furniture, swapping out accessories, and replacing accent pillows and throws. Perhaps one of the reasons we love fall the most is because it's so easy to upgrade. You heard us...easy! Here are 3 simple ways you can warm up your home interiors this fall: 1. Chunk Things Ups You know those chunky knit blankets you love to snuggle up in on those chilly days? Drape it over the corner of your bed or side chair and you've automatically warmed up your space. It's like a sweater for your furniture! Not only do they look plush and cozy, but now they're also easily accessible for whenever you need it. You can even go the unexpected route and try out a chunky knit rug or pillow for a change.



2. Fur, Leather, and Hide ...Oh My! Weather you choose faux or authentic, there is something about fur and leather pieces that really make a space feel down to earth. It adds just the right mix of color, texture, and contrast - all while keeping things incredibly classy and comfortable.



3. Get Earthy Fall is known for it's beautiful rich colors and moody atmosphere. So when you're thinking about freshening up your space, pull inspiration from the colors of nature all around you. By changing up a few throw pillows or swapping out some accessories you can easily tie in those dark amber, burnt orange, and rich brown colors. Just hone your inner Pocahontas and paint with all the colors of the wind!



For more fall inspiration, stop by our Trolley Square store and shop our new fall line-up! Now is the best time to dress your home for fall during The Very Best Sale - 20% off all upholstery and casegoods (that's basically all furniture, friends!). We hope to see you soon!

Debi's Pick - Butterflies for Brains

Accessories are the jewelry of the room, and move it from nicely executed to beautifully personal. And personally, this new girl in town is my new obsession! Butterflies1

She's both mysterious and whimsical from the tips of her brass butterflies to the bottom of her marble base! And, if you want to make a statement, she speaks volumes!

Come see her at our Trolley location.

"Butterflies for brains" $658

Kristen's Pick - Hair on Hide Rug

Do you know what your house is missing? I do. It’s this rug! This 100% hair on hide rug is the perfect neutral, texture, and pattern for any space! IMG_2583

Let’s be honest. No room is complete without a perfect area rug. But the problem with many rugs is that they can be so hard to maintain. Not this rug. Not only is this hide rug stunningly attractive, but is also extremely durable.

Hair on Hide Rug

Hand crafted in India and brought to your home by Alice Lane, this rug not only could be yours, but should be. Stop by our Trolley location and check it out for yourself. You'll soon realize that a hair on hide rug is the way to go!

Rachel's Pick - Tibetan Fur Directoire Chair

You guys... I have a thing for fur. This Tibetan Fur Directoire’s chair is the perfect combination of elegant and fun with its classy white upholstery and the brass finish on the arm rest and legs. She stands alone and is a bit of a diva – she's definitely a conversation starter. IMG_0618

The best part about this baby is that she is currently 40% off! If you have had your eye on her, or if it is love at first sight - now is the time to come by and get her! Adding this chair to any room is sure to add style and an element of fun, and it is comfortable too. She won't be on sale for very much longer, so come snag her while you can!

Parker's Pick - Malouf Italian Sheets

The Italian Collection sheet sets from Malouf Fine Linens have totally re-prioritized the shopping list for my bedroom.  Forget the nightstands, plush rug, and new headboard; instead, give me a 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheet set.  Nothing else beckons you to bed like these cool, clean, crisp sheets. Malouf Italian Cotton Sheets 7

[Shown in White 400 CT Italian Collection Set, King size - $550]

Woven in northern Italy, these sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton percale.  Each sheet set comes impeccably packaged with a card signed by the artisan who hand-inspected the sheets before sending them out.  The sheets look just as enticing in the box as they do on your bed, unfortunately sleeping in the box is not an option.

Malouf Italian Cotton Sheets 5

A 10-year warranty is included with every set, so rest easy knowing that these sheets will be with you for the long haul.  You will also find comfort in knowing that Malouf Fine Linens is headquartered in Logan, UT...yay for supporting the local economy!  The sheet sets come in all sizes ranging from Twin to California King, and if we don’t have your size in stock, shipping from Logan only takes one day (for you fellow Utahans).

Malouf Italian Cotton Sheets 6

Besides the refreshing feel of these sheets, one of my favorite things about them is the luxurious drawn thread hemstitching. It reminds you that you’re sleeping on something that was detailed, finished, and inspected by hand.  Available in white or ivory, these Italian beauties are calling your name! Come check them out at our Trolley Square location. I promise we won't judge if you find yourself sprawled out on our display!

Styling Open Shelves In Your Kitchen

Today we are chatting about styling open shelves in your kitchen. But me a favor and throw out the word “styling”  and replace it with “using” or “utilizing." That's right...USE the items you put on your shelves! What better opportunity to reduce the steps it takes to unload the dishwasher and look pretty all the while?!?! So...why open shelving? When designing a kitchen, I usually incorporate some open shelving because it’s a practical way to access everyday dishes as well as displaying your collections. I did this in my own kitchen and found it liberating! Here are some tips on how you too can utilize your kitchen shelves.

Open Kitchen Shelving 1

1. Say farewell to the broken batches of mis-matched dishes you collected through college. I did this and felt like I won the Biggest Loser! This isn’t to say that some of the sentiment can’t be added to your shelves, but clean things up and start with a blank canvas and build from there.

anjerie Meikel Reece _13

2. Go dish shopping and find your soul set! This is your big chance to put your heart on display. Mine was from a company called STAKK. The white porcelain bowls and mugs looked like they each had a hat brim and I just knew we needed to be together. My daily bowl of cereal has felt much more valued ever since.


3. Line em’ up! Just like a restaurant, put like things together at an easy to reach height and really start to zone your kitchen. In what order do you set the table? What glasses are you going to use for parties? I for one feel like such a dum-dum when I’m in someone’s kitchen and can’t find what I’m looking for. You just made all of your friends and family feel sooo smart by putting all the tools at eye level! Now, ANYONE can set the table. #Winning (No one wants to be the idiot that doesn’t know their way around the kitchen.)


4. The top shelves. This is where you get to display your pretty serving dishes and entertaining doo dahs! Pellegrino bottles look good in every kitchen but go to the grocery store or local cookery and find things you love that you’d use! I’m crazy about the examples below of spice collections, aging spirits and modeled copper.

Open Kitchen Shelving 5

Open Kitchen Shelving 3

Open Kitchen Shelving 6

And finally..there really is no right or wrong when it comes to your kitchen because it is, in fact, your kitchen!  Display what you love and the people around you will find themselves comfortable and ready for a great party.


suzanne | alice lane home collection


How To Achieve Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Proper lighting enhances the decorating scheme in every room of your home. It's especially true in the areas of your home you use most. Take the kitchen for example...we all need to see what we’re doing whether we’re making a soufflé or cleaning dishes. And without the right type of lighting, your kitchen just wouldn't be the same. Here are the three “must-haves” when lighting up the heart of your home: Kitchen General Lighting

#1: General Lighting This refers to the overall ambient light that fills the room. When you walk in and flip that first switch the whole space needs to be illuminated so that you can put the groceries away, the kids can do their homework, or you can have a quick lunch at the island. Recessed lights are the best way to achieve this. Whether you're building or remodeling, installing recessed cans are usually pretty easy, a local handyman/electrician could get this done pretty quickly. Instead of the bulky florescent box lighting you see is many older kitchens, recessed can lights give your kitchen a fresh, clean look as well as better overall light. Space the cans about 48-60” apart from one another for optimal glow.

Kitchen Task Lighting

#2: Task Lighting Task lighting is the direct light for a specific area of your kitchen. The stove and sink are both great places to have task lighting so that you can comfortably see the finer details of what you’re doing. Over a stove you likely have a hood or a microwave and these items almost always have a built in light, use it! Over the sink, add a small pendant or can light that can be controlled separately from the rest of the general lighting.

Kitchen Island Lighting

#3: Accent Lighting Here’s where we get into the pretty stuff! Accent lighting refers to lights that are there for looks and/or mood. We commonly use accent light fixtures like island pendants, dining table chandeliers, and under cabinet lighting. My favorite way to use accent lighting is when I’m sitting down to a dinner party and I turn off the general and task lighting and leave just the glow of my pendants, chandelier and under cabinet lights. This is a great way to set the mood for a holiday party or a romantic dinner at home.

shelby | alice lane home collection

5 Simple Ways To Accessorize Your Kitchen

Whether you are a cook or not, the kitchen is always the busiest room in the house. In order to maintain the chaos, the space needs to be functional, and if it can look stylish at the same time...even better! Some people want clean and simple while others say more is more! Either way, here are five easy ways to keep things tidy and looking good: 1. Function is Key – Style your kitchen with things you use on a weekly basis. Use decorative glass canisters with metal scoops filled with flour and sugar to add some interest and make baking easier. Fill up a decorative jar with mixing spoons, spatulas, and whisks for easy access. Why not take out a metal serving tray from your storage and proudly lean it up against your backsplash with a decorative wood cutting board for more texture. They will look like pieces of art and be right at your fingertips!

Open Shelving Kitchen 2. Open Things Up – Try installing some open shelves instead of closed upper cabinets. This will make your kitchen feel bigger and give you the opportunity to show off some cool serving pieces. Even stacks of everyday plates and bowls can look nice while being easily accessible.

_MG_3633 3. Bring in Some Life – The kitchen is made up of hard surfaces. Break it up by bringing in something organic. A simple plant, some fresh flowers, or an assortment of fruit in a cool container will add a new life to the space.

Kitchen Island Styling 1 4. The Island – Don’t make your island feel deserted and lifeless. Add some accessories to not make it feel so vast! Decorative color glass jars with some blooming or leafy branches will add interest and bring some of the outside in. Or, keep a serving board on the island so it's ready for that afternoon snack of crackers and cheese.

Kitchen Styling 2 5. Surround Yourself with Things You Love – Seeing that you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen why not surround yourself with things you love. Whether it is fresh flowers with fragrant scents on your island, your grandma’s tea kettle placed on an open shelf, or a framed picture of your kids on the window sill by the sink. I believe that tedious tasks like washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen will be much more enjoyable when memories are sparked or a day is brightened by a simple object.

Alright, so go to your kitchen and see which of your accessories are working and which ones are not. Reinvent a few items that are tucked in the cabinets, make your kitchen more functional while still being beautiful, and create some new memories while being surround by the things you love.

matt | alice lane home collection

Rugs 101: Rug Design

Now that you're up to speed on the different types of rugs and where to use them throughout your home (check out that post here if you missed it), let's talk a little bit about rug design. If you have a room that's ready for a redo this summer, consider starting "from the ground up!" You might be surprised to learn that rugs are often times the jumping off point for us. Just as we dress the walls with art to establish the personality of a room, rugs are a piece of art on the floor that can inspire a complete design. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting a rug design for your space: 1) COLOR Select a colored rug that speaks to you and repeats your favorite hues throughout the design, or choose a dramatic rug and let it be the colorful statement piece in a neutral room.

Colorful Rug

2) MOOD Your rug can dictate the mood of your space. For example, a traditional or structured print feels more formal,  a loose and abstract pattern will evoke a light and airy feeling, and a neutral rug with a relaxed stripe can create a more casual atmosphere.

Striped Rug 3) STYLE Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous oriental rug or are inspired by beautiful geometric Navajo and Aztec prints. If that’s the case, go with it! Let your rug determine the design style in your room. For instance, with a Southwest rug, simply add some woven baskets and repeat geometric shapes throughout the space and you will have a cohesive design.

Navajo Rug As we always say, your home should be your favorite place on earth! Keep that in mind when selecting your next rug and choose something that you will love now and for years to come! Because the best design is one you love.

kendra | alice lane home collection

Rugs 101: Types of Rugs

I love rugs! The right rug can really change the feel of a space, ground a furniture arrangement, create intimate settings out of one large space, and when selected properly - they just look goooood! However, understanding the world of rugs is really like learning a whole new language. Rug terminology can be tricky. Tufted, flat weave, hand-knotted, machine made...what does it all mean?! To help, keep these brief descriptions in mind the next time you go rug shopping: Flat Weave:  No pile, usually reversible, made of natural (cotton jute, wool) or synthetic fibers, comes in almost any color and pattern, are reasonably priced, and easy to clean. These rugs are excellent to use in your dining room or outdoor living spaces.

Flat Weave Rug

Hand-Knotted: Low to medium pile, extremely durable, generally made of wool, cotton (as a base only) and silk and no glues are used. This is the highest quality of rug you can buy and if made well they are great for high traffic areas.

Hand Knotted Rug 1

Tufted: Low to medium pile. These have glue on the back to hold things in place and often times when you look at the back you can see the grid that the rug was tufted to. They are good for medium traffic areas. 

Hand Knotted Rug

Power Loomed:  Machine made, have a latex/synthetic backing with glue sprayed on it, can be any length of pile, any color or pattern, and are generally the most reasonably priced.

Power Loomed Rug

When selecting a rug, make sure to consider the space it will be in.  Does it need to clear a door way? Use a no/low pile rug that has durability. Is it the first thing your feet touch when you get out of bed in the morning? Try using a high pile rug made with silk/viscose for extra softness. Do you need it to outlast your rambunctious kids while still making a statement?  Go for a durable hand-knotted beauty.  Let the construction and materials be your guide.  Also don’t forget the rug pad! This will reduce slippage and hold the rug in place, as well as add years to the life of your rug. And of course, if you have questions, our store stylists are always available to help guide you through the process.

lorri | alice lane home collection

Closet Styling Tips & Tricks

In our recent reveal of Cara Loren's fashion-forward closet (check it out here if you missed it!) I shared some tips on how we made her closet work perfectly for her. While you may not have the same luxury of converting an entire 11' x 11' room into your own personal closet, there are a few styling tricks you can do to help make your closet look just as fabulous! First things first...organize! A closet can look pretty blasé when it's crammed full of nothing but clothes, shoes, and accessories. I know, I know...where else are you supposed to put it all!? Start by sorting through your pieces and putting like things together. Whether you sort by colors or styles, grouping like things together gives your closet a more cohesive look! If you're really shy on space, a great trick is to switch out your clothes seasonally and put those bulky winter items away in storage for a few months.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9394 that you're organized, the real fun can begin! Even if you have the most beautiful clothes in the world, it's the accessorizing that makes or breaks a closet. My first tip -- use coffee table fashion books! They're perfect to lay flat and stack shoes on top of, lean them against a shelf wall, or push them to the back so everything in front can support that look. A beautiful book cover with interesting photography can make any of your shoes or purses seem like runway fashion!

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9507

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9506

Next, pull in sculptural objects to give your eye somewhere to rest in between all the purses and shoes. Objects don't take up a lot of space, but they complete the look. You can even make them useful by draping necklaces or hats on them.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9504 Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9520

Trays are by far the most beautiful and functional way to group small collections of lipsticks, jewelry, or clutches together. Everything looks less random when it's housed in a beautiful way.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9461

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9512

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9463

A favorite trick of mine when styling any type of shelving is to push a piece of art or photography against the back wall (or cubby in the case of your closet). It gives your eye something to read and makes everything up front look dressed up.

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9533

If you have windows in your closet...don't forget window treatments! Window treatments can help stabilize your space. Go all out with a bold and fashionable print like we did for Cara. Whatever you do, make it you!

Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet9500

Now you know all the tips and tricks! Have fun styling your closet like you would any of your daily outfits! Who knows, maybe afterward you'll even feel inspired to start your own fashion blog!

love, jessica | alice lane home collection

 Photo Credit: Nicole Gerulat

Debi's Pick - Large Art

I like big art and I cannot lie! OK...enough of the Sir Mix A Lot parodies, but really...there's nothing that transforms a room more than an over sized piece of art. IMG_2043

The size makes every subject more graphic, and it both elevates and grounds the room at the same time.


Whether colorful or neutral, photographic or just graphic, hung or propped, a large piece of art makes a statement that is both confident and fresh! So, when you're looking for that special something to take your room to the next level...Go big! We always have a variety of large art pieces throughout the store, so come stop by and get some inspiration or find that perfect piece that will give your room some back!

Kiana's Pick - Temple Jars

Temple Jars are a staple accessory at Alice Lane! We love using them in so many different settings. I especially love them for the spring and summer months to display live blooms or branches. Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Use multiple sizes and styles to make it even more interesting. They look great in a grouping as a centerpiece on your dining table. Or, style a collection of a few jars together on a mantle, console table, or dresser.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

A single large jar with full branches looks great on an entry table. You can’t go wrong with these bad boys! It's not wonder they're a favorite!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

We just got a large shipment of temple jars in, so come stop by and pick out your very own temple jar to style in your home.

Side Table Stardom

And the Best Supporting Side Table Goes To….! When we begin designing a room, we typically start by casting major pieces first, or what we like to call the star of the space. In a living room, this is likely to be an amazing rug, the main statement-making sofa, a super stylish cocktail table, or a unique chair. Then we fill in the space with supporting actors, like side tables, lamps, decorative pillows and accents. Just as in the big blockbuster movies we love to rush out and see opening weekend, the best spaces employ a mix of shining stars and strong supporting pieces.


When selecting your Best Supporting Side Table – here are some directors’ cues:

1. Make sure the scale of the table is appropriate to the room and to the adjoining upholstery pieces. Larger spaces can handle tables that are both wide and deep, but a smaller room might need something that feels more open – try a leggy table with a low shelf or a Lucite side table to take up minimal visual weight.


2. Try using side tables that will provide juxtaposition to your cocktail table – for example, if your cocktail table is leggy and glass, use a wood side table with some closed storage. If your space is small and you want both pieces to feel light, try mixing up the shape with a round side table or one with angular legs.


3. A pair of side tables flanking a sofa creates a great formal look, but if your space calls for a second style of table, make sure your choices complement one another without matching exactly. A mix of styles creates depth and will elevate your design performance to Oscar worthy, while a matching set tends to look like student work.


So when you’re looking for your Mammy to go with your Scarlett O’Hara (link: Movies Where Both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Won Oscars) don’t just throw any old side table into the mix. Make sure you get that Best Supporting Side Table trophy! Plus it's always nice when you can achieve stardom at a discount. Through the rest this week get 20% off any side table during The Very Best Sale. All upholstery and casegoods included. Now go break a leg!

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(images via Elle Décor, Veranda)